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  • Client   :Miimoto
  • Type    :Design and Website
  • Role  :Creative Head
  • Date    :December 2015
  • Website

Miimoto - Photography

Website Photography

Owner Digital Agency X Miimoto consists of 4 people who really passionate to make a photographer and videographer agency in our town Jakarta. Miimoto started this year on June 2015 with a new brand as Miimoto which has meaning for us as a classy, cheerful, soulful and energetic. Miimoto choose CYMK color to preserve as much of the color appearance as possible in the transformation just like they clients life moments. The round side of M describe as an creative, friendly, easy going, adaptable and innovative to combine the ideas and personality. The sharp side of M described us as of bold, trustworthy and dependable in produce the picture, video and albums for our clients. The gradation colour of CYMK described people who work for Miimoto. Miimoto started from 4 people and they want produce the other professional who available work with and engaged as freelance or partnership.